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How To Improve Your Landing Page Conversion Rate?

Looking for ways to improve your landing page conversion rate? On this page you will find a couple of suggestions!

A landing page is a specially designed and formatted page to increase sales or conversions. What is conversion? Conversion is a site or page visitor taking your desired action. Conversion rate is the number of visitors doing what the page is intended for them to do vs. those not taking action. You can find this rate by dividing the total number of visitors to the page by the visitors taking the intended action.

So, how to improve your landing page conversion rate? Follow our recommended actions, and you will see your conversion rate skyrocket.

Speed, make sure your landing page loads faster:

Yes, it may seem like a good idea to paste a ton of images on your landing page to make it look pretty but be wary of your server’s limitations. A slow page can cost you a loss of 53% or more visitors (according to Google). While deciding on your page design, make sure it does not slow down your loading page. Aim for page load times of 2 seconds or less. Although 2 seconds may seem like a tiny number, it can easily be attained even on shared servers.

If your landing page contains static content that does not change often, you can use browser caching. For images, you should use WebP format, and also, you can use a free CDN like Cloudflare to speed up your landing page performance. So, the first thing you should do is to keep speed in your mind.

List both the Problem and the Solution:

In the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry, you will always be offering a solution to a problem; make sure to list both the problem and its solution. This way, you are establishing yourself as an expert. Your visitors will feel more confident once they see the problem they are facing and the solution you have for them.

Hire a professional content writer:

The typed words on your landing page are doing all the talking. Make sure your word choice appeals to the reader and convinces them to take action. Grammatical and spelling errors are 100% unacceptable. Hire a professional content writer with experience in marketing to do the content write-up for your SaaS landing page.

Convince visitors to take action – fast:

Your landing page design should include content that creates a sense of urgency and compels the visitors to act right away without wasting any time. You can achieve this by offering limited-time offers, offers for the first ten buyers, or something similar. Your site design and text should work towards this goal in harmony. Some people use real or fake countdown timers; these usually do not work for SaaS based landing pages.

Offer Pre-Pay and Early Sign-Up Benefits:

You can bring in more sales and increase conversions by offering a bonus on annual payment plans compared to monthly plans, and also, you can provide a little extra for those who adopt your SaaS products earlier than others. In any case, make sure to give them a time frame, like if you Sign up in the next ten minutes, you will get an eBook; or for Annual Signups, you can offer a whole month free. Remember, in SaaS, people may sign up for the first month and never return, and you will end up spending more in bringing them back. Instead, push them to get annual plans and be free from renewals stress for a whole year.

Strong and Strategically placed Call to Actions:

A call to action (CTA) can be a button, a phrase, or a word to seal the deal. It is the ultimate goal of any landing page. You use it to finalize the process of purchase, sign up, or whatever your service is all about. Make sure to place your CTA in key locations. Don’t clutter them, plus do not put them in spots where they are hard to locate. Insert them seamlessly in text and also as buttons or banners on your landing page.

CTA is like guiding your customers like children. You hold their hands and move them towards your goal.

Know your competition and learn from them:

You must keep an eye on your competitors. SaaS companies offering the same services as you are or those which are doing really well using their landing pages. Take a few successful landing page designs, note their best practices, and adopt those. At the same time, notice the not-so-good-performing landing page designs and make sure to avoid those mistakes. Notice the CTA wordings and their locations; see which one seems better. Yes, we understand it is not possible to predict or know about the success rate of your competition; however, you can use tools like Ahrefs to know how they are doing.

A/B Testing:

If one thing is working for you, that’s excellent, however; you should be ready to make it even better. To know if the newer design is better, employ the use of A/B testing. In A/B testing, one version of the same page is shown to some users while the other one to other users. You will know the efficacy of the most successful design in no time.

Learn to understand and master Analytics reports:

Google Analytics can tell you about your landing page’s performance in detail. It can help you understand user behavior and help you determine which design works the best for you and your customers.

In A/B testing, it will clearly show you the winner design, and also, for your whole site, it will analytically tell you the most successful acquisition channels as well.

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