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How To Improve Your Product Page Conversion Rate (e-Commerce)?

Looking for ways to improve your product page conversion rate? On this page, you will find some suggestions

You should treat your product page as a landing page. A specialized page with only one intention: make the visitor buy the product. A landing page is defined as a page that is created to increase conversion rate (i.e., Sales). In the case of a product, its page is its landing page.

You should design your product page in such a way that it entices the visitor, provides information, focuses on its benefits, create a sense of urgency coupled with encouragement to take action. Today we are going to teach you how to improve your product page conversion rate (e-Commerce)?

Focus On The Product:

Your product page should be focused on the product only. Do not clutter it with up sales or other products. You can do up sales and introduce more offers after this sale. If someone has taken the time to navigate to a product page, you should assume they are interested in that specific product only, and you should make sure to present it in the best way possible.

Focus on the product can be achieved by removing any clutter and showing clear product images from multiple angles. You should have a clear product image.

Some bullet points to highlight the product features. You should include a detailed but to the point product description as well.

Call to Action – Add to Cart Button:

Make sure your CTA is prominent and easily accessible. Add to cart and Checkout both buttons should be visible and clearly marked. You are focusing and spending a lot on creating the perfect product description and title. Make sure that once the visitors read that information, they should be able to take the desired action.

Invest In High-Quality Product Images:

The major difference between shopping online and shopping physically is that customers cannot physically hold and inspect the product. However, you can provide them with more information and more views of the product than they could while physically holding the product. Make sure to invest in professional product images. Pay a professional to take pictures from different angles, place the products in intended spots, and include photographs to showcase their size clearly.

Use The Scarcity Principle To Your Advantage:

Let your customers know that the offer or product is running out. Utilize a well-placed countdown timer or show them the available inventory. Make sure to use a smaller but a realistic number. Hint to them that this is the right time to purchase the product, and it may not be available the next time they visit this page.

Establish Credibility – Showcase Your Assembly Line And Include Reviews:

Establish your credibility by showcasing your production facility. Let the buyers know you have invested a lot in the product and that you are not going away. If you are not the actual manufacturer, you may share images provider by the factory (with their permission). Add a paragraph about your strengths as a manufacturer.

If you cannot do that, make sure to include Reviews. User-generated content, their views, and their opinion about your product are strong proof that your product is worth purchasing. Make sure to include 5-star reviews but do not forget to add “not so excellent” reviews as well. People can tell if the content is real or fake.

Back your claims with images of people using your products. Link to their Social Media accounts like Instagram or Facebook.

Focus On Smaller Screens:

Mobile phones generate 70% of the Internet’s traffic nowadays. Make sure your product page is optimized for smaller screen sizes. Utilize the responsive behavior; a responsive site or page is one that can adapt its appearance according to the screen size.

Make sure you follow the best practices and the tips and tricks we shared about how to improve your product page conversion rate?

Your product page should look as dominant and product as prominent as it is on a desktop or laptop screen. The product images should be clutter-free and clearly visible. Your CTA buttons and actions should be prominent and accessible.

Speed – Absolutely Important:

No matter how much time and money you spend on creating that perfect-looking product page, you will lose sure customers to your competition if your page load time is higher and it takes longer than 2 seconds for your product page to load.

Until 2020, a page load speed of 3 seconds was considered acceptable and good, but as we are progressing, 2 seconds or less is regarded as an excellent page speed time. In this period, as soon as a customer clicks on your product link, they get the page loaded before they could change their mind or get distracted by something else. You need to convert your visitors in the least amount of time, and you need to make sure they take the intended action before they are distracted by the sea of information and entertainment we call the Internet.

Higher speeds will also earn you better search engine rankings as well. You can invest in a server that offers higher resources and more robust load handling, or you can follow some of the best practices that can help reduce the load times of your product pages. For instance, you can use a content delivery network, also known as a CDN, to serve your customers from servers located closest to them. You can use newer image compression like WebP and better caching to reduce your page size.

SSL Certificates and Better Payment Processors:

Online fraud is a legitimate concern, and people have lost their lifelong savings because of Online fraud. Instill a sense of true security in your customers by investing in better SSL certificates. A Secure Socket Layer establishes an encrypted connection between the customer’s browser and your website, this way; no one can see the information flow between your server and the customer.

Additionally, use a well-known and well-established payment processor for handling transactions. Show the steps you have taken to secure your customer’s data on your product page; this will give them the confidence boost and will bring them one step closer to making that purchase.

Looking for ways to improve your conversion rate just beyond the productpage? We got some suggestion on how to improve your homepage conversion rate, or landing page conversion rate